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Gun Racks Ain't Just for Pickup Trucks Anymore


Gun Racks Ain't Just for Pickup Trucks Anymore
Published on July 16, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

by Nino Marchetti -  New Electric FAT Bike Includes Gun Holster Option
defiant_bike_gun_rack_e1372370138938.jpgWhen we hear about electric bicycles, it usually centers around ones built with more urban experiences in mind. Not so much though from Defiant Bicycle, which recently launched [PDF] its first electric FAT bike known as The Big Easy.
For those unfamiliar with the biking jargon, FAT bikes
are so called this because they sport over-sized tires and are designed for riding on unstable terrain. The designers behind Big Easy sought to make an electric version of the FAT design as they wanted to bring to market something which could zip through snow and slush at 15 to 20 miles per hour.
image via Defiant Bicycles
The Big Easy sports a number of features designed to make it an interesting example of electrification of this biking segment. These include a custom designed 6061 aluminum frame, a 500 watt electric rear hub motor, a 36 volt/15 Ah battery mounted within the frame triangle for optimal weight balance and a 4.7″ “Big Fat Larry Tire.” This latter item is said to be the widest available in any bicycle.
This first Defiant offering took over two years to develop and is domestically made. Its electric assist motor and battery can help offer a range of 25 to 65 miles, depending upon wind, terrain, temperature conditions and level of assist needed. It can be recharged at a standard wall outlet, and offers a top speed of 20 miles per hour.
Designed to let riders go deep into the outback, specific build accessories and components help drive what it will be used for. This currently translates into five different configurations (including, yes, a gun holster as per the image above),
ranging in price from $3,950 to $4,750. All of these can be pre-ordered before September, and the company is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign to help kick things off.

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