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Named 2012 Photo of the Minnesota TRI News


Named 2012 Photo of the Minnesota TRI News
Published on January 05, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

ang_20crash.jpgThis is a great John Pischke shot of Angie Hop that could be entitled "Inner Dialogue." It's about that moment in a race when you come apart, one chunk of you insisting that you must stop, the other telling you to keep pushing, to finish, to stay whole....

Because you are all true endurance athletes, your "keep going" chunk almost always wins the internal debate. You, as Angie did in this MTB race (the Lutsre 99er, her first race of this kind ever, we think?), gets you off your ass, to climb the walls and endured the tortures of the damned until your timing chip burps at the finish line. In the end, many find the Wall is no match for the  will. That pain and fatigue endured may have been extreme, but it sucks less in comparison to the guilt and self-doubt you would have to live with, "if only I had tried."

FYI, after Ang finished the 99er, she took a shower and put on clean clothes. She looked real good.

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