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No Bull, You Can Set a World Record at Buffalo


No Bull, You Can Set a World Record at Buffalo
Published on May 06, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

From MN Tri News
buffalo.jpgNo bull, you can set a World Record at Buffalo Lake, Minn. and if you wear a funny hat, you'll be able to pick yourself out of the crowd in the aerial photo of you and 999 of your closest friends actually doing it!

This is a Guiness Book attempt for a good cause.

"No one should drown in Minnesota," says Race Director Dr. Brett Oden and he couldn't possibly be more right. But of course they occasionally do. In fact Buffalo Lake was the site of an incident last summer in which two non-swimming parents lost control of their boat during launch, setting adrift their also non-swimming 4-year-old and leaving themselves entirely incapable of retrieving their exceedingly frightened child. Fortunately a member of Minnesota's own triathlon community [who shall remain nameless until we get permission] happened upon the scene, swam down the drifiting vessel and towed it to shore before the panicking tot could do something truly terrifying.

CIMG1449.JPGGranted, that level of brain-deadness doesn't occur often. But far too many preventable drownings do happen simply because people don't learn to swim. "Who better than triathletes to extend that message to the community," says Oden, who not only dreamed up the Guinness World Record, for the Most People Treading Water Simultaneously, idea to bring attention to the topic, but also endured the official application and certification process.

A pre-race spectacle: 1,000 people treading water are expected!

The previous record was set in 2002, by 308 people in Lake Kuusijarvi, Finland, so breaking it should be easy, given that 1,500 people who know how to swim and tread water will be gathered together in Buffalo Lake. "We'd love to get 1,000," said Oden. The plan is for registered athletes to enter the lake just following the pre-race briefing, tread water and smile for the photographer in the helicopter. Expect local news coverage, your mug my be on the 5 o'clock news!

A word about water temps, for those of you chattering on social media: One, Buffalo Lake always and forever is 68 - 72° on June 2 and will be this year, so stop worrying. Two, the 308 Finns who set the existing record did it in AN ICE HOLE they cut for the mass plunge, so NO WHINING!

Besides, how many times in life do you have the chance to set a world record? More info

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