Obesity, What It Costs Us and Will Staying Active help?
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From the School of Public Health & Service/ George Washington University blog
100_0403.JPGIn the United States today 78 million adults are considered “obese” – more than the populations of California, Texas and New York combined.  This is twice as many adults in 2013 as there were obese in 1980, and today 112,000+ deaths a year in the U.S. are associated with obesity.

And yet try as we might, educating people about obesity is having little impact.  At the bottom of the info-graphic below, four cities and states are listed for having modest success in lowering obesity – New York, Philly, California, and Mississippi – yet aside from Mississippi  (with a 13 percent decrease in obesity – go Mississippi!) these “successes” are embarrassingly meager.
Resistance to legal limits on the foods which cause obesity (soda taxes, limited drink size, etc) is high, and businesses profess instead a preference for self regulation.

But where is the self regulation?  And where is the entrepreneurial spirit in tackling these serious issues?
The graphic below was created by MPH@GW for National Public HealthWeek movement and was chosen as the national winner by American Public Health Association in the 2013 Info-graphic Contest.

Click here for more information on Fire Up Your Feet, in your state and how you can help make a difference. Many areas of the country have programs and staff to assist.

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