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Obesity, What It Costs Us and Will Staying Active help?


Obesity, What It Costs Us and Will Staying Active help?
Published on April 25, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

From the School of Public Health & Service/ George Washington University blog
100_0403.JPGIn the United States today 78 million adults are considered “obese” – more than the populations of California, Texas and New York combined.  This is twice as many adults in 2013 as there were obese in 1980, and today 112,000+ deaths a year in the U.S. are associated with obesity.

And yet try as we might, educating people about obesity is having little impact.  At the bottom of the info-graphic below, four cities and states are listed for having modest success in lowering obesity – New York, Philly, California, and Mississippi – yet aside from Mississippi  (with a 13 percent decrease in obesity – go Mississippi!) these “successes” are embarrassingly meager.
Resistance to legal limits on the foods which cause obesity (soda taxes, limited drink size, etc) is high, and businesses profess instead a preference for self regulation.

But where is the self regulation?  And where is the entrepreneurial spirit in tackling these serious issues?

Click here for more information on Fire Up Your Feet, in your state and how you can help make a difference. Many areas of the country have programs and staff to assist.

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