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Snubbed at the Oscars - A HaveFunBiking Video review.


Snubbed at the Oscars - A HaveFunBiking Video review.
Published on March 03, 2014Email To Friend    Print Version

 Andrew Cook, HaveFunBiking


The Academy Awards were held over the weekend and while, it was a great time for the winners, nobody was riding any bikes. In the spirit of being snubbed, here are some videos of some of the most famous actors/actresses of all time who have never won an Oscar, but made some of the most memorable bike scenes in movie history.

The Chase Scene From Quicksilver

Starring Kevin Bacon who has decided to be a NYC bike messenger and finds himself pitted against a rival messenger in Lawrence Fishbourne's character. The film is filled with bikes claiming to be fixed gears, alleyway bike dance throwdowns and the standard love story that came packaged in just about every movie produced in the 80s. I've embedded the final chase scene below which features a guy in a black car doing his darndest to smash Kevin Bacon. If that's not enough, heres a link to the full movie with Italian subtitles.


Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog in the Great Muppet Caper

Neither Jim Henson or Frank Oz ever won an oscar despite creating some of the most loved children's characters of all time including most of Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Yoda to name a few. Below, Jim in voicing Kermit and Frank is voicing Miss Piggy as they are on a bicycle date in the park.

Knock Three Times Sing-A-Long From Now and then

To be entirely honest with you, I've never seen this movie, but as I stumbled across it, my wife's eyes lit up and she started singing along. That said, this one is a great girly sing-a-long that can't be denied and a much needed throwback to a simpler time.


Jackie Chan's Getaway Scene From Project A

This one's pretty wild, showcasing Jackie Chan is all his glory. Here he is, making his getaway and taking the time to beat up everyone chasing with his signature stunts and slapstick justice. Enjoy.


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