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They Say it is the, "Worlds Most Scenic Bicycle Tour"


They Say it is the, "Worlds Most Scenic Bicycle Tour"
Published on July 15, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

From Les Titus, Lagbrau Tours
day2_26.jpgIf you love scenic canyon views, Lagbrau Tours has a few remaining opening for their eight-day tour starting August 31, 2013, in Utah. This event offers six full days of cycling and almost two full days of hiking in both Bryce Canyon National Park and then Zion National Park. Adding two days of hiking expands what you will see on this southern Utah's trip.

First - We shortened the ride from 10 days to only 8 days with only 6 full days of cycling and almost 2 full days of hiking in two of southern Utah's premier National Parks (Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park). In previous rides you were limited to what you could see from your bicycle as the tour rode from one park to the next. Never before have you had the time to enjoy all the beauty of these two parks,  that only can be seen from the hiking trails.

day2_22.jpgSecond - For only the second time in 10 years we will end one of the days (the first day) at the Halls Crossing on the southside of Lake Powell. Here we have arranged to bring several boats to give us a ride up one of the amazing canyons of Lake Powell, which has more shoreline than the California Coast.  This is optional, but you do not want to miss this!

day2_20.jpgWith year's ride we have made it easier than ever before to get to an amazing remote bicycle route in southern Utah.  We have tried a number of ways to get you to this remote location from different airports and back. Two of those years with some vehicle issues resulted in the complaints.  This years travel option should be the best since it is only about 2 hours from Durango, Colorado, then to Blanding Utah, only about 2 hours from Springdale, Utah, The ride will end this year in in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There is Salt Lake City option for round trip but it doubles the travel time to the beginning and from the end.  Ask about other options if you want to drive to Utah.

To find out more see: or contact: [email protected]

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