November 2013

Cardo BK-1
Published on September 24, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

 Chris Chavie, MN Bike Trail Navigator 
Cardio.jpgThe Cardo BK-1 is a Bluetooth communication and entertainment system for cyclists that is based on their motorcycle helmet communication system.  It is lightweight, waterproof and dustproof, will fit virtually all bicycle helmets and is equipped with hovering speakers and omni-directional noise-cancelling microphone.  Conversations while riding can be done 2 and 3-way bike-to-bike or with up to four other cyclist using the intercom toggling feature.  Intercom range is up to 1640 feet.  Pair the system with your mobile phone to make calls and enjoy unlimited range as long as there is wireless coverage.  Phone calls can be taken, made or rejected by voice command or by pressing a button.

Use it with your GPS/smartphone to receive audio navigation instructions out on the road.  The Cardo BK-1 is now available directly from the Cardo Online Store and can be purchased for $209 for a single cyclist or the Cardo BK-1 Duo that includes two headsets for $389.

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